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I never took my health seriously until I got cancer back in 2007. After successfully completing my treatment, I took a keen interest in fitness and now it’s an integral part of my day: I develop Reps & Sets, a bodybuilding app for iPhone and Apple Watch; I write about fitness for tech news website Cult of Mac; I’m a CYQ Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer; I’ve written a Fitness Handbook; and I’ve been known to run the occasional marathon.

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New York Marathon

Gym-Free Workout

It’s been 12 months since I set foot in a gym, thanks to lockdown. Here’s how I kept in shape. More

New York Marathon

My Cancer Story

When I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma over ten years ago, it changed my life for the better. This is my story. More

Reps & Sets

My app: Reps & Sets

I designed and co-created a bodybuilding app for iPhone called Reps & Sets. It’s been featured by Apple on the App Store. More

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