Fitness Geek

I never took my health seriously until I got cancer back in 2007. After successfully completing my treatment, I took a keen interesting in fitness and today it’s an integral part of my day: I develop a weight-lifting app for iPhone and Apple Watch; I write about fitness for tech news website Cult of Mac; I’m a CYQ Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer; I’ve written a Fitness Handbook; and I’ve been known to run the occasional marathon.

Fitness Handbook

I wrote the Cult of Mac Fitness Handbook “Get in shape with iPhone and Apple Watch”. It is currently available as a free download on Apple’s iBookStore.

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Reps & Sets

Reps & Sets is a gym logging app for iPhone and Apple Watch that I co-created with my partner, Martin Algesten. The app is now an international best-seller and was selected by the App Store as a “best new app”.

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3 big problems with Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch has come a long way from the first model. With each update, Apple adds important missing ingredients, like GPS, a faster processor, cellular and an altimeter. So has Apple Watch finally reached its true potential? Cupertino certainly thinks so. Apple...

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It’s time for Apple Watch to get serious about fitness

Apple puts fitness front and center in its advertising for Apple Watch Series 2, even going so far as to claim the device is a “superior sports watch.” But in reality, it is not a sports watch at all. It’s a smartwatch. And that’s a massively important distinction....

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Why Apple should make a cheap activity band

The Activity app is one of Apple’s most important and powerful products. Its three brightly colored rings are changing people’s lives around the world, inspiring individuals to make healthier choices throughout their day. The trouble is, if you want to use the...

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My cancer story

“We are the lucky ones” Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After lots of tests and surgery, I was prescribed chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Fortunately, I responded so well to the chemo, that it turned out the radiotherapy was...

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The skin I live in: a 7 year journey

As my latest round of cancer treatment is coming to an end, it has prompted me to reflect upon the mind-body journey I’ve been on. I’d had rashes all over my body for many years, without realising I had cancer. But in 2007, I found a big lump in my groin, went to the...

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